Welcome Dear Friends.

It has been an amazing wakeup call dealing with the aftermath of the stroke I suffered in November 2007. While my recovery is mostly complete, I've had to back off on many commitments. One result of which is that all work on MAGNAchrom Magazine ground to a halt. Rather that let that momentum languish, I have started a blog (visit magnachrom.blogspot.com) to see where it goes. One advantage is that I can post more often and as the need arises. Further, valuable feedback from readers can be instantaneous. Eventually, we can become more of a community of like-minded medium and large format enthusiasts who can share our stories, ideas, insights, and of course our images.

Many of you have asked for links to the old issues. So here you go:

Issue #1, The Premier Issue

Issue #2, Analog vs Digital

Issue #3, Focus on Black and White

Issue #4, Introducing the New Format

Issue #5, The Night Photography Issue

Issue #6, The Hybrid Photography Issue

Enjoy! Here's wishing you the best of luck with your medium and/or large-format photography. And do be sure to visit the MAGNAchrom blog.

J Michael Sullivan
Editor/Publisher, MAGNAchrom Magazine

P.S. feel free to contact me at: michael "at" haywood-sullivan "dot" com. I look forward to hearing from you!

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